Environmental Graphic Design

Connecting People to Place

Environmental Graphic Design provides communication & connection between people and the places they visit. These branded environments encompass elements of graphic design, architecture, interior design & landscape design. Local history & developing culture provides inspiration for branded stories that bring physical spaces to life. Environmental graphics includes layered design elements that help with direction as much as they enhance brand experience.

Every project has its own character, some focus on function while others fashion. In office buildings or healthcare projects environmental graphics play a supporting role with identification and direction. Wayfinding signage creates clarity & certainty for the guests. On the other hand retail & entertainment projects are intently focused on the visitor's experience. Public art, murals and interactive placemaking is used to create "wow" moments that people don't easily forget. Environmental signage is most often static & architectural, although a push to interactive digital experiences is ongoing and ever-changing.


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What is Environmental Graphic Design? Part 1: What’s in a Name?

Environmental graphic design, or EGD, is a multidisciplinary field of design in which the disciplines of graphic design, architecture, art, lighting, landscape, and other fields are utilized as a way to enhance the user experience through the visual translation of ideas in the built environment. These enhancements within a project are expressed through a broad array of applications and techniques, and may take the shape of signage, identity, super graphics, art installations, and the strategic use of color, just to name a few.

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Four principles applied to the built environment cover all human needs. They serve as a litmus test for the capability of an environmental graphic design program to provide users the tools necessary to fulfill all four connections. Ultimately, the impact of EGD is directly tied to its ability to tap into these emotional connections to influence the overall experience and memory of a place.

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What is Environmental Graphic Design? Part 3: EGD can be Expressed in Many Ways

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