Transit Signage Design

Transportation wayfinding systems designed to guide visitors confidently to their destination

Transit wayfinding design includes airports, train stations, subway systems, border crossings, buses and trolleys. Transportation signage is a carefully planned wayfinding navigation system that is easy for visitors to understand and follow. Color and sign design consistency gives riders a sense of security and confidence they will be guided at all decision points. The final and most important part of effective transport wayfinding design is information clarity & hierarchy. These are some of the elements working in unison to break down complex transportation projects into bite size bread crumbs for increased rider satisfaction.

Connecting multiple modes of transit makes it accessible to everyone. Train station wayfinding should feed into bus station signage, and back when travel is reversed. Wayfinding maps become a tool to display districts, routes, or travel connections. RSM Design works with cities, committees, and stakeholders to develop public transportation systems that reflect the surrounding community while addressing all traveler needs.


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