multi-colored Runway Playa Vista project identity.

Playa Vista, California

Runway Playa Vista

Runway is a retail street village in the vibrant community in Los Angeles called Playa Vista. Playa Vista is located two miles east of the Pacific Ocean, just a few miles north of LAX Airport and within blocks from the iconic recently renovated Spruce Goose Hangar (now home to Google’s Los Angeles HQ). The client’s vision for the site was to create an eclectic and urban aesthetic with the end goal of attracting a collection of creative tenants. The former site had become out-dated and dull, and because of the property’s prime location and surrounding market, RSM Design was brought on to refresh the overall aesthetic. During the renovation, much of the architecture would remain the same but RSM Design worked to select new color palettes, materials, and environmental graphics for the facades. These elements would also set the tone for the rest of the project design. The team selected a contemporary black and white palette with bold accent colors. These components were integrated into the signage alongside simple typography and laser cut details. RSM Design worked with the existing logo to create the overall visioning for the project, as well as a full signage and wayfinding package, parking garage graphics, and graphics for select tenants.



  • DJM Capital Partners Inc.


FREE MARKET is an ever-evolving collective that develops and markets curated products, services, and experiences by combining strategy with artistic understanding. FREE MARKET’s special programming division leverages vital relationships with stakeholders, building owners, and the real estate community to cultivate and activate key retail and mixed-use development projects. The development team at Runway brought in FREE MARKET to enhance it’s tenant collection and attract guests. RSM Design collaborated on the environmental graphics around the space to seamlessly integrate wayfinding signage into the artistic environment.

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A space for creatives, entrepreneurs, foodies, entertainment enthusiasts, and adventure seekers.

Playful pops of color

The design team worked to create a space that is as memorable and enjoyable as it is easy to navigate. Spanning over 200,000 SF of retail space, the site needed a wayfinding system that makes guests feel confident. In the large on-site parking structure, the design team implemented bold, pops of color that differentiate between floor levels. By adding these environmental graphics to the parking garage, as well as to the entire project, guests can create identifiable links to certain destinations.


Brightview Design Group, TSA Archtitects, Design Bitches

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