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Workplace Design

Successful signage programs for corporate campuses

RSM Design has worked closely with large corporations and development teams to create identity signage and wayfinding programs for a number of office developments around the country. We craft office and corporate masterplan solutions by building on the legacy, heritage, and culture of the development and company, creating signage programs that are innovative, timeless, and authentic to the mission of the organization. The design team integrates brand identity and wayfinding signage programs that serve to meet the needs of both visitors and everyday users.

Successful signage programs for office developments adds clarity to the guest experience by identifying amenities in a clear and logical manner. Wayfinding signage and interactive map designs lead workers to cafes, public gathering spaces, parking, and other on-site amenities, thereby increasing the overall value of the campus. The integration of environmental graphics and placemaking features create moments of delight in the everyday experiences by providing workers a strong and enjoyable connection to the work environment.

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