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Dallas, Texas

RSM Design's Dallas studio is located in the historic Bishop Arts Building in the heart of one of Dallas' most vibrant, walkable, and artistic communities. When seeking inspiration outside our immediate vicinity, we need look no further than the skyline of this modern metropolis. RSM Design’s diverse body of work adorns preeminent international hotels and legendary sports stadiums, and is nestled alongside historic Art Deco buildings and old frontier architecture.

The RSM Design teams collaborate on projects locally within the DFW Metroplex, throughout the United States, and worldwide, spreading the principles of certainty, variety, and delight throughout all of the guest experiences.

Under the guidance and leadership of Principal and Studio Director, Paige Terrell, the Dallas studio excels in a number of diverse sectors including branded experiences, commercial workplace, entertainment, mixed-use and hospitality, to name a few. As a registered interior designer, Paige is passionate about using the built environment as a canvas to communicate, and is driven to expand the studio's expertise in unexpected creative ways. 

As more people are returning to their workplace and engaging with their communities, we see the importance of brand and culture becoming visible throughout environments. Experiential branding connects people with the impact they have on society, economics, and community. The experiences are enhanced with RSM Design’s ability to craft unique destinations that connect back to a project's roots while also maintaining a fresh and unique perspective towards placemaking and an enhanced visitor experience.

Office Director

Paige Terrell, RID, Principal


408 West 8th Street, Suite 201
Dallas, TX 75208



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