City of Dana Point wood wayfinding sign with hills and sunset in the background
illuminated overhead street sign at night behind railroad tracks
woman walks by a sign while pushing a stroller through a park
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Civic Design

Bringing clarity and unity to the civic environment

Civic signage programs have the unique ability to transform a visitor’s arrival and wayfinding experience through an often-times confusing urban experience. Civic master plan signage, placemaking, and wayfinding systems bring clarity and simplicity to both vehicular navigation and pedestrian navigation, as well as adding a strong identity and character to a community. Our design approach merges a deep understanding of the user journey and a strategic understanding of place to create a unique civic approach for our clients.

RSM Design works closely with city councils, officials, public outreach committees, and municipal boards around the country to help visually communicate each community’s unique amenities through creative civic signage and wayfinding programs.

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