Healthcare Signage Design

Signage & Wayfinding Design for Hospitals, Healthcare & Wellness Centers

All healthcare facilities require signage & wayfinding to help patients feel secure in arrival, and exit without a hitch. Medical centers are typically intimidating to new visitors who have enough on their mind. Wayfinding for healthcare facilities direct traffic with clear messaging and a touch of delight which lightens the day for an anxious patient or visitor.

Exterior hospital signage includes entrance monument signs, wayfinding systems and interactive design programs that are legible, reassuring, and joyful. Interior healthcare wayfinding design seamlessly leads the visitor through the medical facility. Hospital wayfinding must define a system of hierarchy within messaging and even reassure the visitors they're still going the right direction. Healthcare facility signage can improve a patients experience while saving staff from becoming visitor guides.

Starting with meticulous research, we plan & strategize for the needs of each Hospital, Medical Center, or Clinic. Through interviews & workshops our team steps into the shoes of patients, family & staff to design an experience fit for everyone. This planning leads to signage for hospitals that is both functional and innovative. Patients & visitors feel a sense of comfort so their minds can stay at ease.

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