Park Wayfinding & Signage

Wayfinding Signage Design & Placemaking for parks & outdoor spaces

RSM Design works closely with cities, communities, and developers to connect people with outdoor spaces through creative park wayfinding signage. Working with architects, landscape architects and planners we implement signage systems that guide visitors through parks and urban environments with ease and confidence. In these spaces, the most dynamic design solutions reveal themselves with a thorough understanding of the local environment and surrounding cultural context.

Designing signage for parks presents a unique set of opportunities. With the high volume of people and activities, it is important that the signage systems are legible and clear, while still feeling connected to the brand & surrounding area. For visitors step by step guides to historic sites, photo opportunities, or planned events become a part of the wayfinding & signage design. Local stories that add character and relevance are integrated to give the park soul and spark visitor intrigue. A curated and layered environmental graphic design approach to park design brings out a distinct sense of meaning and purpose, both to the park and the overall community.


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