Placemaking Design

Art Programs and Community Landmarks that Connect People to Place

Placemaking design connects people to places through the use of synergistic design elements that suggest use and create collaboration between people. Graphics, patterning, typography, and color are used to lets visitors know they've arrived. Public art serves as a powerful tool to welcome visitation, engagement, and joy from a fresh perspective. Creative placemaking signage puts an emphasis on design beyond direct needs which cultivates social experiences that are remembered. RSM Design places notes of whimsy and delight in all our projects, which upon discovery provides joy and a smile.

RSM Design develops graphic & architectural elements that add to place and tell a story. It’s important to pull from the local community in order to connect their values with the environmental graphics. We work with artists to curate memorable moments and photo op landmarks. Placemaking is the sophisticated pathway to the design and planning of public spaces.

Read more in our article: The Placemaking Power of Ten


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