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Hollywood & Highland, the once well-known landmark destination adjacent to the TCL Chinese Theatre and home of the Academy Awards, now has a dynamic new brand and project positioning, and has been renamed to Ovation Hollywood. The creative team at RSM Design worked closely with Gensler, OJB Landscape Architecture, Taylor and Miller Design, Ludlow Kingsley, and others to completely reimagine this iconic destination. After completing an extensive analysis of the property, including wayfinding strategies, signage entitlements/inventory, flow patterns, and guest interactions, RSM Design created timeless wayfinding solutions for the complex labyrinth of interior and exterior spaces. A completely new wayfinding strategy was developed to guide visitors around the once confusing circulation paths. Additionally, the RSM Design team designed a fresh palette of brand murals and other placemaking graphics to respect the new brand character and create a sense of place that is unique to Hollywood.



  • DJM Capital Partners Inc
  • GAW Capital Partners
Historic image of Hollywood Hotel in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California.
Image via Hollywoodpartnership.com (Photo courtesy Marc Wannamaker/Bison Archives)


The Hollywood Hotel stood at the intersection of Hollywood and Highland for the first half of the twentieth century. Over the years, the site has been redeveloped to accommodate a variety of attractions. In 2001, Hollywood & Highland opened as a large-scale retail destination with entertainment amenities. The destination was popular for visitors, but over time became outdated and less attractive. Now, the destination is being revitalized once again, still with retail and entertainment in mind. Ovation Hollywood is set to become the premier Hollywood spot for both tourists and locals, with a modernized and design-forward aesthetic.

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Image of overhead view of the Hollywood Stars Walk of Fame in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California


Ovation Hollywood is an attraction where locals, tourists, and entertainment merge. However, the retail and entertainment destination wasn’t always as sophisticated and glamorous as it is today. The $100 million dollar makeover, led by DJM and GAW Capital, included demolition of the controversial Babylonian-themed archway and oversized elephant statues. The new architecture and archway features a timeless white facade and a playful mural design by Geoff McFetridge. Now, as visitors enter the space they’re welcomed by a revamped open courtyard, lush landscape, new spaces for offices, restaurants, and retail, as well as placemaking and graphics to bring a sense of whimsy and fun. The goal for the new space was to create something that is forward-looking and welcomes LosAngeles’ diversity and optimism.


The team at RSM Design collaborated with branding agency Ludlow Kingsley to implement environmental graphics at Ovation Hollywood. The key brand principle is celebration: of culture, diversity, and accomplishments of the Los Angeles community. Utilizing the brand guidelines, logo, and color palette, RSM Design crafted placemaking graphics and mural designs intended to invite visitors to share in the celebratory experience.

Large OH! logo letters on sitting area steps with colorful mural in background and staircase to the right
Vertical white freestanding directional sign with black text and illuminated and etched star pattern with illuminated returns in the reveal of the sides by RSM Design for Ovation Hollywood in Los Angeles, CaliforniaBlack and white painted directional on hallway wall with mural on the outside by RSM Design for Ovation Hollywood in Los Angeles, California
"We are all stars" bronze letters inlayed on viewing deck steps with Hollywood sign in the background done by RSM Design for Ovation Hollywood in Los Angeles, California.
Black and white overhead directional above escalator entry with elevator vestibule graphics to the right by RSM Design for Ovation Hollywood in Los Angeles, CaliforniaLarge white level 2 painted on the corner of a black wall with vertical directional sign on each side of the number by RSM Design for Ovation Hollywood in Los Angeles, California


Ovation Hollywood occupies 387,000 square-feet of property in Los Angeles. The site includes the TCL Chinese Theatre and the DolbyTheatre, home of the Academy Awards. It’s also located along the famousHollywood Walk of Fame, one of the most visited tourist destinations in LosAngeles, and features views of the Hollywood sign. For as sought-after as an attraction that Ovation Hollywood is, wayfinding plays a critical role in the guest experience. Wayfinding signage provides visitors with a clear and seamless journey from the entrance, to the parking garage, around the site, and to the exit. The goal of the wayfinding system at Ovation Hollywood is to clearly identify key destinations as well as remain true to the brand aesthetic. Wayfinding and branded touch points work to move groups of people from point A to point B in a clear and cohesive manner. In addition to offering a sense of security, wayfinding and placemaking also work to animate the brand and bring a sense of character that visitors can relate to and feel excited about.

Internally illuminated elevator blade wayfinding directional sign with white acrylic face and black graphics and black frame mounted to wall with large "ELEVATOR" painted graphic by RSM Design for Ovation Hollywood in Los Angeles, CaliforniaWall mounted black vertical directional aluminum cabinet with white text and graphics with etched star pattern with some stars illuminated by RSM Design for Ovation Hollywood in Los Angels, California
Parking garage escalator level identity in black with white graphics applied to escalator glass by RSM Design for Ovation Hollywood in Los Angeles, CaliforniaImage of large painted parking garage level identity in white wrapping corner to a wall mounted elevator directory of levels with black and white graphics and a painted Ovation Hollywood "O" icon logo on the ground by RSM Design for Ovation Hollywood in Los Angeles, California.


Gensler, OJB Landscape, Taylor and Miller Design, Consumer Experience Group, LLC, Ludlow Kingsley

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