Parasol Park greenhouse located in Great Park Neighborhoods.

Irvine, California

Great Park Neighborhoods

Signature parks and distinctive homes connect together through miles of walking and biking trails. Great Park Neighborhoods is a residential community in Irvine, California. Each of the neighborhoods, within the larger area, are defined by their enjoyable amenities and connections to culture, history, art and the people who inhabit them. RSM Design was brought onto the development team, working with FivePoint, to craft wayfinding signage and environmental graphic design for the Orange County park. Weaving in placemaking, such as vibrant murals or artful signage, the design team crafts each individual park design with meaning and context.
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Complete with miles of walking and biking trails, each neighborhood offers convenient access to the Orange County Great Park and all of the amenities Irvine, California has to offer– including some of the top-ranking schools in the state. RSM Design was brought onto the team by FivePoint team to help give each neighborhood park a distinct personality, through wayfinding signage and placemaking graphics.

The Great Park is iconic to the Southern California region and one of a kind in size and features. It consists of a collection of unique neighborhoods joined together by walking paths, planned to link back to the Irvine Transportation Center. RSM Design worked closely with FivePoint Communities to create signage and wayfinding for each neighborhood and park as well as a unifying master plan signage system that creates and encourages visitors to engage in all that the communities have to offer.

Great Park Neighborhoods pedestrian wayfinding flag directional

Novel Park

Novel Park is one of Great Park Neighborhood's newest outdoor spaces for the community to gather. The naming behind the park speaks to the unexpected joyful moments of everyday life. The design team worked to incorporate vibrant colors, bold typography and whimsical details into the wayfinding signage and placemaking at Novel Park.

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Rise Park

Rise Park speaks to the great natural views of Great Park Neighborhoods. This community outdoor space is intended to saturate guests in the outdoors, utilizing natural materials in the signage design as well as informational signs describing native animals and wildlife. The entire park is centered around The Overlook, a platform visitors can walk on and take in the spectacular views of Irvine.

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Cadence Park

Cadence Park is full of artful moments and bold, vibrant environmental graphics. The park is designed to host a number of amenities, including resting spots, art installations, and building spaces for performing arts as well as community events. The park design is centered around dynamic typography and bright colors.

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Great Park Neighborhoods Cadence Park monument identity signage
Great Park Neighborhoods building identity signageGreat Park Neighborhoods park rules sign

Pavilion Park

One of the first developed communities at the Great Park in Irvine, Pavilion Park models a contemporary aesthetic juxtaposed by playful and interactive design elements. The design team was inspired by the historic character of the area, and through signage and graphics, worked to tell a meaningful story.

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Great Park Neighborhoods Cadence Park Greenhouse
Great Park Neighborhoods Pavilion Park Monument IdentityGreat Park Neighborhoods Bike Station Blade Sign

The Pools

Situated on 8-acres of space, The Pools is a park inside of the greater Great Park Neighborhoods. With a number of different types of pools, lounge areas, volleyball courts and recreation amenities, space is a key destination for the community. The design of the park is inspired by natural elements in a contemporary aesthetic, and the design team worked to weave signage and graphics into the recreational facility.

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Great Park Neighborhoods colorful shade structure
Great Park Neighborhoods poolGreat Park Neighborhoods colorful totems

Parasol Park

Parasol Park is centered around multi-family housing, and features a large community park, garden, greenhouse, and community building. Great Park Neighborhoods partnered with local farm, The Ecology Center, to create a natural space to gather as a community and will also facilitate weekly and monthly family activities. The design team was inspired to create a look and feel for the neighborhood that was hand crafted and high quality. Wood and hand painted identity elements were carried throughout, and many signs featured hand drawn and playful typography and illustrations. RSM Design also carried elements from The Ecology Center brand into the garden signage, which created a sense of unity and cohesiveness across the two brands.

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Great Park Neighborhoods park amentities
Great Park Neighborhoods pedestrian wayfinding flag-directionalGreat Park Neighborhoods residential park design

Beacon Park

Beacon Park is the second of several communities developed by Great Park Neighborhoods, sited around the perimeter of the Orange County Great Park. RSM Design worked closely with FivePoint Communities to create signage and wayfinding that stands out, giving Beacon Park its own identity within the larger park community. The signage design by RSM Design was inspired by navigation and mid-century modern design to create a palette that pops.

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Great Park Neighborhoods residential park and amenity design
Great Park Neighborhoods wayfinding designGreat Park Neighborhoods enhanced regulatory sign


Solis Park is a residential community and park located within the Great Park Neighborhoods in Irvine, California. Solis Park features a lively park with grass lawns, a playground, and communal lounge area with couches and a kitchen space. Solis Park includes a luxury pool area and spa, complete with a cave-inspired lounge, fire pits, and an outdoor kitchen. The RSM Design team was invited to complete wayfinding signage and environmental graphic design throughout the Solis Park neighborhood.

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Park identity signage for Solis Park in Irvine, California
Rules and regulations sign designed by RSM Design for Solis Park in Irvine, CaliforniaDetail shot of Solis Park colorful signage


StudiOnEleven, Brightview Design Group, Strada Made

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