Image of the red recreation center at Ranch Camp at Rancho Mission Viejo. Two women walking by the white oval signage.

Rancho Mission Viejo, California

Ranch Camp

Ranch Camp at Rienda is a residential community within Rancho Mission Viejo, an expansive 23,000 acres of ranch land and nature reservations in South Orange County, California. RSM Design was brought on to complete signage and wayfinding, as well as the branding and logo design for the newly established community. Inspired by the historic ranch life of the land and mid century modern design, RSM Design brought the community to life with signage throughout the neighborhood and a friendly brand that mirrors the values and goals of Ranch Camp.
Shot of the Heritage House at Ranch Camp in Rancho Mission Viejo. Ranch Code plaque signage and Heritage House Signage done by RSM Design.
Close up of a chicken crossing illustration sign done by RSM Design for Rancho Mission Viejo. Yellow yield sign at sunset with chicken illustration. Illuminated Ranch Camp overhead sign for entry point of Ranch Camp, in Rancho Mission Viejo. Glowing sign at sunset done in large lettering by RSM Design.
Take care of the land, and the land will take care of you.
Image of tractor at Ranch Camp at Rancho Mission Viejo with directional flag sign in a clean, modern sign and typeface. Modern barn is seen in the background with Responsible Planning. ,
Close up detail shot of directional sign in clean, modern style with minimal typography for Ranch Camp by RSM Design.


Ranch Camp at Rancho Mission Viejo has a variety of amenities for its residents, including a fitness center, clubhouse, lagoon-style pool, and miles of nature trails throughout the Reserve. RSM Design completed signage throughout the Heritage House, a hub for the community to learn about the ranch roots of the area and current information about events and amenities happening in the community. RSM Design designed wayfinding signage throughout Ranch Cove, The Nature House, and various trailheads. 

Image of the intersection of The Discovery House and The Nature House. Overhead entry signage in minimal design done by RSM Design on mid century modern buildings.Ranch Camp Loop hiking trail signage done by RSM Design. Trail map, rules, and information on a white minimal sign.
Close up detail of Ranch Camp Fitness Center and logo completed by RSM Design. Modern barn style typography and brand identity signage with clean font. Close up detail of wooden signage with white plaque and minimal navy blue text. Ranch Camp fitness center in the background.


Allison Richter Photography

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