Monet Avenue 2.0

Rancho Cucamonga, California

Monet Avenue is a two block street located within the larger Victoria Gardens shopping district. In an effort to revitalize the area to match the vibrancy of the rest of the neighborhood, Forest City set off on a repositioning effort to improve circulation and fill unrenewed leases. RSM Design was invited to design a system of creative placemaking signage and wayfinding for the two block street that would complement the existing signage. The family of signs included new interpretive signage and directories, as well as various wall-mounted directionals. A collection of environmental graphics was also created, and included colorful crosswalks and paving details. RSM Design wrote an arts brief and worked with local artists to create a number of pieces that would decorate the block and add life and authenticity to the street. In the end, Monet Avenue saw a number of new leases and a huge influx of people coming together in the space. The public art on the street has become an instagram sensation, and people post photos of themselves in the space, which in turn draws others to the space.

  • Developer
    Forest City Realty Trust
  • Architect
    STIR Architecture (fka Altoon Partners)
  • Landscape
    SWA Group