Two men walk across a painted pedestrian crosswalk at outdoor retail center.
A person on a bicycle and a couple walk through a busy downtown street
A woman walks a dog past a sign that reads Water Street
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Streetscape Design

Creating an active street

RSM Design enhances the master plan of a project to unify the landscape design and architecture through branded elements, placemaking, and fixturing to create an overall streetscape design that is in harmony with the vision of the project. We build complete palettes for the streetscape with the goal of being the connective link between all the different disciplines.

We create brand-defining elements for a city or project to help give the streetscape an enlivened character that has both consistency and variety. We work through the approach of a 10 by 10 philosophy where every 10 feet there are 10 things to activate your senses, such as a restaurant or cafe, a piece of art, or decorative paving to help activate and bring delight to a streetscape.

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