Multi-colored identity sign design at Novel Park in Irvine, California.

Irvine, California

Novel Park

The naming behind Novel Park alludes to the unexpected, surprising, and novel moments of everyday life. With an on-site coffee shop, dog parks, garden spaces, and walking paths, the space has become a desirable spot for the community to gather. The design team at RSM was invited by FivePoint to craft the environmental graphic design and wayfinding signage at the neighborhood park. The space offers a moment to rest, relax, and enjoy the great outdoors.



  • FivePoint


Novel Park is a space for the community. Through placemaking graphics, which bring about moments of excitement and connectedness, the park is transformed into a vibrant spot for entertainment, play, community, and rest. Leaning into the whimsical aspect of the park naming and visioning, the design team created a system of signage with bold typography and playful pops of color.

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Serendipity— a fancy word for the happy surprises life can throw your way. Novel Park sets the stage for more of those unexpected (let’s say novel) moments that make a day extra special.


StudiOnEleven, Brightview Design Group, Damian Tsutsumida Pictures, Allison Richter Photography, Strada Made

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