A view of the retail center entry at Manhattan Village with palm trees and cars in the background.

Manhattan Beach, California

Manhattan Village

Manhattan Village is a premier retail center with elevated dining and gathering spaces. An inviting place with community spaces for friends to gather, socialize and interact. RSM Design took a refined coastal living palette and infused a modern graphic system to blend sophistication with inviting graphics. The charm of Manhattan Beach is reflected in warm materials and playful graphics.
Open-air entertainment, retail, and restaurants near the Pacific Coast.


Manhattan Village was originally built in 1982, spanning 44 acres and featuring several retail shops and dining venues. In 2006, a remodel was proposed under real estate management company JLL. The former site had become outdated and less attractive to the local community and was in need of a revitalization in order to keep the space operating. The new proposed retail destination, under JLL, would breathe new life and vibrancy into the space. The design renovations bring a refreshed material palette and sophisticated architectural elements.

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RSM Design implemented placemaking and environmental graphics throughout Manhattan Village. The design system is inspired by a coastal, laid-back sense of being. The material palette, consisting of wood, aluminum, and concrete, was intended to feel refreshed, warm, and natural. Placemaking and signage allow guests to understand their sense of place at the retail destination. Murals and graphics in the parking garage identify key locations and serve as navigation.


AO Architects, Lifescapes International Inc.

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