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San Diego, California


Longfellow Real Estate Partners acquired a two-building project in San Diego, California specifically designed for labs, workspaces, and high-end amenities. RSM Design was invited to craft the name, brand, and logo for the new life science campus as well as implement the brand character from vision and strategy, naming, logo design, and signage. Through exploration and stakeholder meetings, RSM Design worked to create a unique design family that would differentiate the lab workspace from its competitors, as well as standout in the science and technology community. The design team also worked to create a leasing brochure to communicate the outstanding amenities, location, and the essence of why Biovista is a top life-science facility within the San Diego market. In addition, RSM Design created wayfinding signage and placemaking for Biovista.



  • Longfellow Real Estate Partners, LLC
Illustrated map of BioVista campus in relation to surrounding areas and proximity to key destinations in the San Diego area.
Biovista is a life science + technology campus located in the Sorrento Mesa region of San Diego, California.
Image showcasing the BioVista primary logo in a rust coral color on a simple grey background with ceramic mugs and dishes on the corners. Branding for Biovista by RSM Design.
Lifestyle image of young woman sitting at a wood counter with coffee in hand and laptop on counter with plants nearby.Image of young scientist in the lab with a petri dish. Second image of illustration of location of BioVista  on map and proximity to other Life and Science centers in the area.
Its unique location in Sorrento Mesa provides scenic views, convenient freeway access, and a diverse selection of amenities on-site and within walking distance.


Biovista is a unique space where science and community merge. Centered around Class A lab and workspaces on site, and situated at the gateway of the science and technology district in San Diego, the new campus is designed for innovation and interconnectedness. The modern campus design includes amenities such as seating areas, restaurants, mobile workstations, outdoor gathering spaces, and more. It is inspired by a work-and-play mentality– bringing together state of the art office amenities and inspiring open-spaces.


The branding process in collaboration with Longfellow and Biovista stakeholders began with a name brainstorming activity. Our design team investigated surrounding companies in the life science sector of San Diego. The initial strategy included creating naming pillars that would help distinguish categories. Throughout the process, the team looked closely at the notion of bioscience as well as the campus’ geographical location. The final name was a result of two said factors: “Bio” representing life science and “Vista” inspired by the views of the property.

Image of presentation slides of the naming and branding process for BioVista by RSM Design
The name Biovista is broken down into two key attributes of the campus: Bio refers to science and Vista to the views.
Primary BioVista wordmark and icon logo in white overlayed on top of an image of an outdoor courtyard with sitting areas and greenery and landscape.
Clean and simple BioVista primary wordmark logo in white. Branding by RSM Design GIF showcasing the BioVista brand pattern and logomarks and icons in the various brand colors. Branding and naming by RSM Design.
Our team partnered with Longfellow to develop an elevated, trustworthy brand that would position Biovista as a premier lab space in the West.


After the name Biovista was decided, the design team began exploring logo and identity designs. With surrounding outdoor amenities and large open-air spaces, the campus is inspired by natural elements. Incorporating shapes and motifs found in nature, such as the line-work in a tree or organic patterns in cells, the final logo design combines a “B” and “V” in an abstract, illustrative style. The new logo is a geometric monogram that can be scalable for various digital and printed surfaces, including signage design. The bold mark is also complimented by a sleek sans-serif typeface, alluding to the modern nature of lab spaces and technology.

Image illustrating the geometric construction of the Biovista icon logo.
GIF showcasing the brand guidelines of typography, color palette, and imagery. Branding for BioVista by RSM Design.
Conceptual mockup of BioVista lobby desk. Branding and naming by RSM Design.
BioVista social media mockup for Instagram page and feed.GIF of imagery showcasing a butterfly, a woman doing yoga, a woman sitting having coffee, and a microscopic image of a liquid substance.
Image of a mockup for the BioVista website on a tablet.
Image of young adult scientist woman with the BioVista icon logo in the bottom right corner. Branding by RSM Design.Mockup of an employee badge for the BioVista Campus. Branding by RSM Design
Mockup of a reusable water bottle with the BioVista wordmark and the icon logo large and behind the wordmark. Branding by RSM DesignMockup of a yoga bag with the BioVista icon logo. Branding by RSM Design
Image of the BioVista building with a blue gradient overlay with the primary BioVista wordmark and icon lockup on top in white. Branding by RSM Design

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