Long Beach, California

2nd & PCH

2nd & PCH is a coastal-contemporary marina village inspired by the unexpected moments of a coastal life savored. The casual, yet eloquent resort-style character of the architecture, and a thoughtfully orchestrated cadence of the streets invites all to enjoy the lush and rich experience in the cool ocean breeze. The RSM Design team worked closely with CenterCal to craft a vision and brand for 2nd & PCH that drew from the sophisticated yet laid-back Southern California Marina lifestyle and celebrated it with moments of whimsy. A refined brand with playful elements was the answer to capture 2nd & PCH’s unique, inviting, and charming nature. RSM Design later translated the brand into a system of environmental graphics and wayfinding signage to help users navigate around the space.
2nd & PCH custom crosswalk design at retail destination2nd & PCH exposed neon, retail-project signage
2nd & PCH project identity monument2nd & PCH custom designed restroom blade sign

Revitalizing the waterfront with a new vision to reconnect people to the shore at 2nd and PCH.

2nd & PCH storefront mural design and custom crosswalk esign


Located next to Alamitos Bay Marina in Long Beach, 2nd and PCH was once an established marina located near working oil derricks and a refinery. The site had the potential for new life, but needed a clear vision that would create an open air environment that is walkable and inviting, designed to capture great views and ocean breezes. RSM Design was invited to work with CenterCal and Architects Orange to create a new vision for 2nd and PCH where people are connected to community and an artful retail experience.

The brand strategy, experiential graphic design, and art program are all anchored to the idea of modern interpretations of a waterfront marina destination. Like the site itself, the brand captures the idea of contextual references in a new and unexpected way. Placemaking elements throughout the project utilized nautical references and materials with a whimsical twist to create an engaging experience. Surprising details such as a wink or unexpected messages hidden on the back of graphic elements provide a sense of discovery. This unique translation of the coastal marina lifestyle was central to the 2nd and PCH brand vision and can be felt in every corner of the project.

2nd & PCH public art staircase mural2nd & PCH digital directory design
2nd & PCH parking directional sign2nd & PCH project identity signage
2nd & PCH retail plaza design2nd & PCH parking counter design


Architects Orange, KGM Lighting, Davis Ink, Pow-Wow Long Beach, Stair Graphics by Aaron De La Cruz, Art Curation by Maureen Gitto while at CenterCal, Consumer Experience Group, LLC

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