Pavilion Park

Irvine, CA

Environmental Graphic Design

Pavilion Park is the first of several communities developed by Great Park Neighborhoods, sited around the perimeter of the Orange County Great Park. Though a brand new development, Pavilion Park aims to mix contemporary design with the character of the area, adding historic relevance to the site by featuring an artful blend of graphics and signage.

The Irvine Great Park is iconic to the region and one of a kind in size and features and features a collection of unique neighborhoods joined together by walking and biking trails, and planning to eventually link to the Irvine Transportation Center. RSM Design worked closely with 5 Point Communities to create signage and wayfinding for each neighborhood and park as well as a unifying master plan signage system that creates and encourages visitors to engage in all that the park has to offer.

  • Developer
    FivePoint Communtites
  • Awards
    2016 American Graphic Design Award