The words “golf” and “resort” often go hand in hand. Now add in “Texas” and “PGA” and you  end up having one of the most impressive new golf destinations in the United States. The recently opened 550-room Omni PGA Resort in Frisco, Texas is home to two championship golf courses  and numerous amenities including a golf-inspired retail and restaurant village, conference center,  event pavilions, and numerous trails linking the development to the surrounding community. It’s a fresh new era for golf, expanding the typical golf experience to be more inclusive of hospitality, entertainment, and engagement. 

RSM Design was thrilled that Omni Hotels & Resorts invited our creative team, led by Executive Director Harry Mark FAIA, to envision a comprehensive wayfinding and architectural graphics  experience throughout the resort, including the branded experience and logos for all of the retail, amenities, and restaurant venues.


Senior Designer, Zach Burson, crafted the branding and wayfinding with both golf fans and the regional Texas context in mind. The timeless and creative interventions were designed with simplicity and clarity, all while aligning with the warm “modern Texas ranch” aesthetic of the architecture. Omni Hotels are known for their sophisticated and engaging resort experiences, and  RSM Design’s brands and graphics contributed seamlessly to the luxurious feel, harmonizing with the elegance of the contemporary and welcoming character of the resort. 

It was important that guests feel like they are in both Texas and in a golf resort. So, the team drew their creative inspiration from the way the bold Texas sun changes characters throughout the day, and washes over the textures of the designs. Timeless and classic design principles, conveying  strength, solidity, and bravado, were used to create a branded aesthetic that speaks to the character of the area. Authentically crafted materials that complement the limestone and steel of the architecture, weather well, and stand the test of time, were carefully selected and used throughout. 


A unique set of names for all the retail and restaurant destinations was crafted to relate to the golf  experience or the regional context. RSM Design then branded each to reflect the design and positioning of each. Some of those unique venues include, Blue Lacy Mercantile (a clothing store named after the state dog of Texas), Gimme Toys! (a toy store selling children’s golf themed merchandise), the Ice House (a classic barn turned bar with virtual golf bays), and Trick Rider (an elegant rodeo inspired steakhouse), among others. 

The brand opportunity was to make each logo unique, telling each venue’s narrative in a compelling and understandable way, while also ensuring that the resort’s underlying design DNA  was visible across the entire experience. The creative team achieved this by taking into  consideration the intended audience for each space, as well as the environmental context. At the Ice House, for example, the aesthetics crafted by the architecture team was inspired by rustic Texas barns, appropriate for the ranching origins of Frisco. To reflect both the architecture and the intended function, the RSM Design team created a hand painted brand on the side of the weathered  wood facade, appropriate for an old barn that may have existed on the site. At the Gimme Toys! shop, the team balanced childlike playfulness with the sense of sophistication found throughout the resort. And within the Mokara Spa, an area all about freshness and rejuvenation, every treatment room is inspired by a native succulent. Keeping relaxation, simplicity, and comfort in  mind, the creative team crafted a unique custom graphic language for each individual succulent, using them to identify and embellish the treatment rooms. 


Because of the resort’s large size and numerous destinations, the comprehensive identity and wayfinding system needed to appear simple and straightforward through the complexity of the  development. RSM Design’s task was to bring understated clarity to the resort, honor the  architectural and landscape context, and comfortably guide guests, all while giving them clarity  and a sense of certainty, variety, and delight through signage and placemaking elements. 

Identity and specialty elements were seamlessly woven throughout the resort’s entries, golf courses, clubhouse, and hotel areas, clearly stitched together with understated and elegant  wayfinding directionals. As with the branding, the team designed the wayfinding to appeal to a  broad spectrum of visitors, respecting each particular context’s scale, while aiming for an overall  sense of timelessness.


Once a small suburban town outside of Dallas, Frisco is now one of the fastest-growing areas in  the United States and a burgeoning hub for sports. With the opening of the Omni PGA Resort, RSM Design has added to their architectural graphics influence within the north Texas region. Collaborating with teams throughout the area, RSM Design has been honored to craft brands and  experiential graphics for a number of transformative developments within the Frisco community, including the Dallas Cowboys Headquarters at The Star, Frisco Station, HALL Park, Fields, The Mix, and now the Omni PGA Frisco Resort

This latest project is more than just a golf destination—it is a celebration of the Texas spirit and a testament to the power of finely tuned site-specific design. The highly collaborative teamwork and passion for this complex project—ranging from sports and events to dining and hospitality—and beyond—has elevated everyone’s game.