Santa Clarita, California


Tucked away in the hills, just outside of the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles, is Valencia, a masterplan residential community centered around outdoor spaces and communal living. Sunset views, parks, and paseos, and world-class schools, all define the Valencia experience. RSM Design partnered with FivePoint Communities to craft placemaking and wayfinding for the residential community in Santa Clarita.
Map of the Santa Clarita area from the late 1800s, where Valencia by FivePoint Communities and RSM Design is today.


Valencia is located within Santa Clarita, most famously known for Six Flags Magic Mountain, an amusement park outside of Los Angeles. The land that Valencia sits on dates back to 1875, when it was purchased and better known as “Newhall Ranch.” In 1912, the land was leveled and 5,000 citrus trees were planted amongst the ranch, giving Valencia oranges its namesake.

Image of oranges on an orange treeOverview image of the outdoor garden at Valencia. Garden Home with public art designed by RSM Design in the background. People gardening in front of the garden home. Detail image of a shovel wayfinding signage. Plaque signage adhered to a shovel. Playful and garden inspired wayfinding signage by RSM Design.
Yellow and green graphic with "Art Basil" text for Valencia designed by RSM Design. Gray graphic with illustrated radishes with text reading "You're pretty radish." Design by RSM Design. Blue green graphic with text reading "pretty carrots" with illustrated carrots.

A fresh, new way of living, just north of Los Angeles.

Image of the pump track rules signage for the pump track for bikes at Valencia in Sant Clarita, California. Signage by RSM Design. Close up of the Eastlink sign at Valenica by RSM Design.
Image of the Welcome to Confluence Park in Valencia. Signage design by RSM Design for FivePoint Communities. Overview image of the pump track at Confluence Park. Bike path at Valenica. Wayfinding signage by RSM Design.
Overview image of sidewalk paths and buildings at Valencia. RSM Design designed wayfinding signage for Valencia. Bright yellow signage indicated a net zero energy community designed by RSM Design for Valencia.


RSM Design joined the FivePoint team to create wayfinding signage and placemaking throughout Confluence Park, Valencia’s first community park. RSM Design also completed wayfinding for Eastlink, a greenway for walkers and bikers within Confluence Park and the surrounding neighborhoods.

Architectural building with lawn of grass at Valencia.
Photo of the inside of the community hub building at Valencia in Santa Clarita, California.
Vertical wayfinding identity signage for the Porch at Valencia. Designed by RSM Design. Overview image of people enjoying the park at Valencia.
Image of the Hello welcome graphic designed by RSM Design.


RSM Design collaborated with FivePoint on a second airstream, also known as the “Sharestream.” (You can see the first sharestream for Great Park Neighborhoods in Irvine, California here at this link. The design team customized a graphic wrap for the Valencia Sharestream. FivePoint uses the Sharestream as a mobile marketing tool, traveling from place to place, putting on events for the community and passing out leasing brochures.

Image of the "Hello Again" bold large letters. Temporary graphics designed for Valencia by RSM Design.

RSM Design was asked to create temporary signage for the entrance points surrounding Valencia. Temporary signage builds excitement and anticipation, as well as sets the tone for what’s to come.

Image of the Valencia Sharestream, an airstream converted into a community hub that host events and hold marketing materials. Airstream designed by RSM Design.


Strada Made, BrightView, Studio One Eleven

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