A photograph of wall signage in the reception area at the University of the Pacific Dental Care Center in San Francisco, CA.

San Francisco, California

University of the Pacific Dental Care Center

Located in the bustling city center, the University of the Pacific San Francisco Dental Clinic exists to serve people. Inside of the Dugoni School of Dentistry, the San Francisco Main Clinic offers an opportunity for students and faculty members to provide a quality oral healthcare experience in a supportive environment.


  • University of the Pacific

The team at RSM Design was invited to create a unique system of wayfinding and environmental graphics to guide patients and guests through the healthcare facility. Envisioned with a multicultural community in mind, the signage system incorporates multiple languages as well as a simplified numbering and pictographic nomenclature to ensure clarity. Donor recognition is featured in designated areas around the site and is included in the naming of the clinics and waiting rooms. In an effort to maintain a sense of calmness, a color palette of soft blue and green tones was incorporated into the interior design.

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