Zoomars at River Street Ranch painted mural identity by Max Mcilwee and RSM Design

San Juan Capistrano, California

River Street Ranch

RSM Design was invited to collaborate on the rebranding and naming of Zoomars Petting Zoo in San Juan Capistrano. The site was re-established to be part of a new development known as River Street. RSM Design collaborated with Frontier to differentiate and brand River Street Ranch as its own unique sub-brand.

River Street Ranch’s brand was designed to feel playful and welcoming to families and children yet refined and contemporary in style to match the revitalized site. The brand resulted in a primary logo and an extended kit of parts that included badges, colors, and multiple brand marks. RSM Design created a brand that could be applied to print and digital collateral as well be expanded into a branded environment.


Allison Richter Photography

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