Aerial rendering of Post District Market in Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City, Utah

Post District

Post District is a central mixed-use hub in Salt Lake City. A neighborhood experience that welcomes modern urbanites by providing a mix of gather, work, and living space. The project integrates greenspace, elevated living, purposeful workspaces, and one-of-a-kind food and drink options to provide dynamic and interactive experiences. RSM Design was brought on to infuse architectural graphics, signage, and branded touchpoints to enhance a sense of place. In the initial phase, we examined and designed how the brand could be maginfied and layered into the site as well as determined the heirarchy and brand architecture of the residential brands. Additionally, RSM Design generated residential buildings names and logos that were rooted in the history of the site.



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Map of the Post District with a key identifying the landmarks.
A map of the Post District building, photo of the skyline and an image of a printer in motion.
Typography graphic that describes the values of the Post District.
Overhead shot of engraved concrete graphic.
GIF of the exterior walls of the parking structure. Gold panel with engraved "Post District" in the corner. People stepping over it.
Black and white Post District graphic.
Post District building with digital integration design. Digital billboard screen with Post District logo.
Flatlay of branding strategy of Post District.
Branding card in envelope. Information graphic of the breakdown of Post District. Within Post District, there is The Register, Post House North, Post House South, and 801 Flats.
The Register vertical concrete painted graphic. The register brick building signage. Black tote with the Register logo.
Post House building with lush garden and bold signage.
Raised brick typography reading "North" in vertical letters.Post House South black mug with blue lettering.


RSM Design was invited to create a unique sense of place that could be intruiging and recoginzable. The existing landscape prior to Post District included a newspaper printing shop along with other warehouse buildings. Its close proximity to Downtown Salt Lake City allowed its positioning to gear towards a new neighborhood that incorporated a tech hub, four residential housing, a food and shopping marketplace and ground floor retail. Its proximity and unique crossing also included a future trax line stop. Its southwest close proximity to downtown and its accessiblity from the highways will position itself to be a successful project. However, beyond its location, RSM was brought on the vision and articulate the brands unique voice and how it will be different from other projects.


Through demographic research, we first established who was the key audience that would live in the residential buildings as well as specific motivations to move to the location. With research in mind, four key brand pillars took shape: A New Generation, Old & New Bones, unapologetic approach and unpredictable memories, this would shape the narrative of the brand and the environment.


After articulating the brand narrative and core values, the design team  focused on crafting names for the residential offerings. Through a focused lens, we looked towards the past for inspiration for the four residential buildints. We examined different brand architectures and naming strategies to best understand how uniform or expressive each needed to be with the overarching Post District brand. The four chosen names are The Register, 801 Flats, and Post House North and South.  

An authentic brand crafted for every aspect of the experience. Each ties to the history of the place and speaks volumes to the future generations to come.


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