Exterior nighttime shot of the Kanawha County Public Library. Wayfinding signage done by RSM Design. Pedestrian identity minimal environmental graphics.

Charleston, West Virginia

Kanawha County Public Library

Kanawha County Public Library is a place that embodies a strong community located in Charleston, West Virginia. This library celebrates its historic beauty and presence while expanding forward with its new West Wing. RSM worked to commemorate the essence of this library with a legacy wall so graciously given by the donors of the community. RSM Design worked closely with Silling Architects, DCL, PrayWorks, and the KCPL team to design the Legacy Wall, as well as the exterior identity signage. The Legacy Wall embodies the principle of individual participation as a building block to create something greater than oneself, the individual elements are assembled as an additive structure supporting one another and crafting a unified experience. Viewing the installation from different perspectives creates a varied understanding and engagement, and an ever-changing visual experience.
Planter pedestrian signage for Kanawha County Public Library. White lettering pedestrian signage by RSM Design.


The Legacy Wall is titled, “A Fraction of the Whole,” inspired by each block of the wall coming together to make something larger than itself. The Kanawha County Public Library Legacy Wall extends the full length of the four floors of the library. Visitors of the library can view the Legacy Wall on each level. The wall is made up of juxtaposed blocks, either plain white with etched names, or printed with the fuchsia state flower, the Rhododendron. Each block is easily replaceable, leaving the library flexibility to add donor names to the wall. 

Overview shot of donor wall art by RSM Design for Kanawha Public Library. Purple and white blocks with donor names spanning vertically across several stories of the library. Detail shot of donor wall art by RSM Design. White blocks with gray engraved names for Kanawha County Public Library.

Each donor is represented equally, to bring unity to the Legacy Wall.

Close up detail shot of donor wall art by RSM Design. Purple blocks with floral pattern juxtaposed in place to create a textured donor wall.
Original Concept

Concept rendering we shared with the client before detailing how to fabricate.

White plaque signage with white lettering for gallery donor identity. Designed by RSM Design for Kanawha County Public Library.
View of the downstairs library of Kanawha County Public Library. Clean, modern, directional wayfinding signage by RSM Design.


Silling Architects, DCL, PrayWorks, Josh Beeman Photography

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