County of LA Public Libraries marketing collateral and signage studies

Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles County Public Libraries

The development of the County of Los Angeles Public Library sign standards began with extensive analysis and research and ended with a new and complete master sign program to be implemented into all 90 of the libraries within the county. RSM Design was presented with the challenge of creating a sign program that would remain consistent and intended to be flexible to meet the diverse needs and languages of each of the community libraries. Presented with the existing brand, the studio designed a sign family that expands the color palette of the logo.

Inspiration for the signage and graphics was drawn from human communication, the exchange of ideas, and the delivery of information, messages, ideas, and stories through the usage of surfaces. Patterns of type, text, symbols and colors were used to differentiate primary, secondary, and tertiary wayfinding, and speech bubbles were utilized as a simple graphic that would create a playful use of scale and clever use of space, while providing resourceful multi-language information.

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