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Delightful art, murals & sculpture makes places memorable

RSM Design creates & curates artful moments of delight through public art, murals, and interactive designs. We work with the consultant team to develop design programs that compliment the art elements for an engaging environment.

We are tasked with creating graphic murals as well as establishing guidelines for curated commissioned art from local artists or international professionals. These guidelines establish the look & feel of potential mural art or public sculpture. Many of our projects feature delightful and surprisingly fun interactive art that adds action to an otherwise static element. A brightly colored wall or community created mural can have a large impact with low cost. These public artworks often become Instagram opportunities which drive traffic to the project.

Read more in our article: Using Public Art to Add Value to Projects


  • Placemaking
  • Art and Mural Design
  • Art Programming Guidelines
  • Fixturing
  • Interactive Elements

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