Port of San Diego with boats, the boardwalk, and buildings in the background.
Port of San Diego Historic PhotoAerial Photo of Port of San Diego Waterfront Design

RSM Design was selected to create a site-wide signage and wayfinding master plan to unite the massive site. The team started with an analysis of the existing conditions and created a set of recommendations that included ideas to consolidate existing signs, ease navigation, engage users, and create a holistic experience across the entire project.

Port of San Diego Diagram Waterfront Design

The team is working to create a unified signage family that creates a strong feeling of consistency throughout the port while helping to differentiate individual areas to provide a sense of place as well as orientation for visiting guests as well as residents.

Port of San Diego waterfront pedestrian directional signagePort of San Diego crosswalk graphic design
Port of San Diego waterfront wayfinding signage design
The sign family for the Port of San Diego, demonstrating different navigation and placemaking features.



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