Aerial view of an entertainment and residential district in Orange County at the Honda Center.

Anaheim, California

OC Vibe

Bold and energetic, this new mixed-use development is set to become a premier district for entertainment and living in Orange County. RSM Design was brought onto the team to craft a brand identity and voice for The Honda Center that reflects Orange County’s epicenter of entertainment and culture. The strategy for the identity was to define a personality that delivers moments of surprise, unexpected turns, and curated content. The brand of OC Vibe is energized by the human spirit – constantly reshaping to host the day’s events and unfolding as participants each write their own storyline.


OC Vibe is the epicenter of entertainment and culture. The overall brand values the characteristics of the surrounding culture: creative and curated, transmorphic and full of spirit and movement. It is kinetic and energized by the human spirit. The logo identity reflects light, energy and sound. This layered and kinetic motion expresses a passionate voice for people to come together and live boldly.

The brand’s vocabulary of pattern and color represent a spirit of forward-thinking, dynamic, unexpected and diverse qualities. Repetition of line work and geometric patterns create a sense of excitement and energy. RSM Design took a minimal approach to color utilizing black & white with pops of bright green. The green signifies both a bold approach and a friendly memorable color.

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