Historic-style public mural on a brick wall with string lights overhead

Denver, Colorado

Northfield Stapleton Public Art

As times change, it’s nice to know that some things are timeless, like the glory days of planes, trains, and automobiles. The Northfield Stapleton Mall is a 1.2 million square-foot open-air retail center is located on the site of the town’s old airport, so for design direction, RSM focused on the nostalgia of the aviation era. To pay homage to the former grandeur of air and rail travel, the design team created a collection of original hand-painted murals, banners, and art deco travel posters. These graphics are the essential elements in the branding and identity of this new center while also creating consistency and integrity throughout the signage and wayfinding system. The result: an exciting social hub and redevelopment for this growing community that has respect for the past and its eye on the limitless future.


  • Forest City Enterprises


Mithun Architects

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