View of multifamily housing with a restaurant at the bottom and people walking around.

San Marcos, California

North City

Adjacent to California State University San Marcos campus, North City is an excellent case of a mixed-use development that has evolved into bustling pedestrian friendly city center. As the education hub for North County San Diego, North City has both student and local resident housing. The site also houses PIMA Medical Institute.



  • Safdie Rabines
  • Seabereze Properties

North City is walkable community with an amenity rich vision. The signage helps to define the boundaries of North City as a destination, while the wayfinding assists in the navigation to the on-site parking decks and to those key amenity locations.

RSM worked closely with Safdie Rabines and Seabreeze Properties to create a master planned vision for the wayfinding to create a modern and clean look to the signage that compliments the contemporary on-site architecture.

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