Creekside Labs logo against an image of a man with a syringe in a lab coat.

San Diego, California

Creekside Labs

Located in Sorrento Valley’s premier science & technology district, Creekside Labs offers a unique experience because of its proximity to natural outdoor spaces, creekside views, and unparalleled access to the 805 and 5 freeways. State of the art science labs invite opportunities for innovation and an open air concept offers a serene escape for guests. RSM Design collaborated with Longfellow Real Estate Partners to craft the initial visioning, naming, brand narrative, and logo design for Creekside Labs in San Diego. The design process included collaboration with multiple stakeholder teams as well as extensive research of the competitive life science market. The design aesthetic draws inspiration from life sciences as well as the surrounding natural environment. The final logo design translates to marketing collateral as well as branded items and environmental graphics that will be integrated into the architecture.


  • Longfellow Real Estate Partners, LLC
GIF of the Creekside Lab logo, designed by RSM Design.


Originally known as Creekside Offices, Longfellow Real Estate Partners invited the RSM Design team to strategize and rebrand the life science campus in San Diego. Ultimately, the client desired for the campus to become well-known in the life science community. Through a series of stakeholder team meetings, the design team concluded that the project had a variety of unique amenities, especially notable was its outdoors connection to nearby creek. As a remodeled and newly positioned life science space, the design team collaborated closely to understand how this brand could come to life and have a unique character of its own.

Presentation of Creekside's Core Brand Values, written and designed by RSM Design.
State of the art science labs invite opportunities for innovation and an open air concept offers a serene escape for guests. Creekside is a true gem within San Diego.
Presentation of the Characteristics of the Audience for Creekside Labs, designed by RSM Design.


Through stakeholder workshops and visioning, the design team was able to gain critical insight for the strategy behind the new brand. Through the brand exploration, Creekside Labs emerged with five key organizational values that were specific to its mission. Ultimately, Creekside Labs is an updated lab life science campus positioned in the center of San Diego's Science and Research district that would offer an inspiring workplace atmosphere while being connected to the serene outdoors.

Naming Studies 


After articulating the brand narrative and core values, the design team focused on the new name behind the project. Through a focused lens of five key pillars of what the name should evoke – short, life science oriented, "creekside", convenience to location, and unique. As life science labs tend to be positioned in clusters, it was important that the name would be distinguishable and unique from the others in the market. The team then crafted a list of creative and relevant names to present to the client. Ultimately, Creekside Labs was chosen based on its straightforwardness for location and function.

Creekside Labs logo, designed by RSM Design.
GIF of the brand elements of Creekside Labs, such as typography, color palette, and pattern.


The design team then continued to develop a logo design and brand-kit-of-parts for the life science organization. Drawing inspiration from natural elements such as water, wood, and stones, the team chose a color palette to be used in the design. The logo itself also draws details from natural patterns such as the movement of water or layering of stones in a creek or stream bed.

Image of an iPad on a desk with the Creekside Labs homepage. Image of serene water.
Rendering of the inside of the Creekside Labs, with the logo on a sign and the brand colors used for the environmental graphic design.
A space to be inspired, motivated, and to tap into your creative potential. This is the place for innovation and forward-thinking ideas. 
Image of a blue backpack with the Creekside Labs logo on the back. Social media post of employees working at Creekside Labs.
Image of the outside of Creekside Labs in San Diego, California. Leather journal with the Creekside Labs logo and brand colors.


In the next steps of the design process, RSM Design created a leasing brochure that highlights the unique offerings of the life science project. It was vital to the stakeholders that the brochure exemplified the location and easy connectivity to San Diego, as well as showcase the unique connection of the outdoors and the state of the art lab space.  

GIF of the printed materials and brand booklet for Creekside Labs, designed by RSM Design.
Ariel view of the Creekside Labs property, next to the San Diego major freeways.

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