Developed by Frontier Real Estate Investments, the showcase brewing facilities and bar is a unique experience at the new Rodeo 39 Public Market in Stanton, California. RSM Design worked with the team to develop the name, brand direction and logo design, as well as the brewery environmental graphic design featuring interior finishes, wayfinding design and specialty graphics. The branding is targeted towards having fun and enjoying unexpected experiences to create a playful connection with guests.

The hand drawn nature of the logo reinforces the irreverent brand vision of crafting great beer over a laugh or sharing a tall tale with friends.


Once the logo design was complete and the brand elements were set, the design team began to focus on a series of label designs for the alumnium beer cans. Utilizing the fish character illustration throughout the series, the team explored illustration and typography that felt appropriate for each specialty can. From a wheat ale with peaches to the brewery’s classic West Coast IPA to the iconic Schwarzbier, the can designs have become a crowd favorite to the community.

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