The HART District white logo on an image of people in a cafe.

Rancho Cucamonga, California

The HART District

A place filled with rich history and a crossroads for travel, Rancho Cucamonga is being transformed into a new destination for multi-modal transit and modern living. The HART District (within the City of Rancho Cucamonga) is a space for connectivity and the new home of a first of its kind transportation center, Cucamonga Station. The district is set to become the new HART of Southern California. RSM Design collaborated with the City of Rancho Cucamonga to craft a brand narrative, name, and logo design for the transportation project. Once establishing the brand, the design team created brand guidelines and branded collateral pieces.



  • City of Rancho Cucamonga
Colorful graphic map strategy for the HART District in Rancho Cucamonga. Map includes logos, landmarks, interstates and neighboring cities.
Defining a vision for a new destination, The HART District will make up a greater whole, a transit oriented, mixed-use district, that will elevate the experience of the area into a walkable, and a culture-rich urban zone.
Image of woman and child with the HART District logo centered in the middle. Silhouettesof two please with Cucamonga Station logo.
Bold red graphic of the HART District description, identification and strategy.
GIF of rotating brand imagery for the HART District. Lifestyle imagery of people, interstate signage, food, coffee.
Brand values and pillars for HART District. 4 pillars of the HART District.
Red and white graphic with the breakdown of the HART District acronym.


The design team began at step one of the process: naming. Examining familiar Rancho Cucamonga landmarks and streets around the station– Haven, Arrow, and Rochester– the team created the acronym HART. The name HART embodies a feeling of community and connectedness, while also paying attention to the district’s position within the greater city. During the logo development, the landmark streets would also come into play. The bars of the H on the mark represent the three landmark streets of the area with the addition of a circle symbolizing connectedness of the district as a whole.

HART District pillar values and brand attributes graphic.


Above all, the mission of the brand is to represent the surrounding community. The HART District desires to bring opportunities to the people of Rancho Cucamonga, such as places to work and live. The design team paid specific attention to the brand language, which is  built on the key message: Community makes Culture, Culture makes Connections. In addition, the team focused on several key pillars in order to define a unified brand and message. These messaging tools guide the purpose, tone, and voice of the brand design. The ultimate goal of the HART District is to unify the community and create a destination that embraces diverse experiences.

Colorful, bold GIF of the HART District logo mark in differing colors. GIF of the brand colors.
HART District wordmark logo. Lettermark logo against bold, red, primary brand color.  Stock supporting imagery for the brand colors.
Brand color palette for the HART District.
Supporting brand imagery three coffees.Life in the Hart red and blue blade flag banner sign for HART District
HART District website on a mobile phone screen.
Brand colors and logos on button pins.Woman carrying "Connection makes Culture" blue tote bag for the HART District.
HART District website landing homepage on desktop.

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