Colored exterior image of Omni Berkshire Place hotel.

Manhattan, New York

Omni Berkshire Place

Berkshire Place is a cornerstone of the Omni Hotels & Resorts portfolio. Berkshire Place recently repositioned their food & beverage offerings by updating their fine dining restaurant and morning service. The RSM Design team worked closely with the Omni to create two refreshed logos for Berk’s Bar and The Breakfast Room. Both offerings honor the destination’s unique place in history through its traditional and timeless branding approach.


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The historic hotel dates back to 1926 and was originally designed by architects Warren & Wetmore, the firm that also designed Grand Central Terminal. Berkshire Place was designed to provide guests with a residential townhouse feel with exceptional accommodations and spaciousness. The property is honored by its unique place in history and actively engages with its legacy in Manhattan. The direction of the Berk’s Bar branding was inspired to be a harmony of Americana with a nostalgic sensibility.

The Breakfast Room is a dining experience at Berkshire Place which features traditional breakfast dining options. It is designed to exude a sense of luxury, comfort, and traditional sensibilites while giving a nod to the legacy of the hotel. The typography used in the logo reflects the historic Grand Central brand.

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