Dimensional project identity monument with chrome accents on exterior of project.

Moscow, Russia

Moscow Riviera

Riviera Moscow is a new destination retail location, positioned at the entrance to Podolsk Town, one of the most heavily populated towns in Moscow. Anchored by an international pool of tenants, this 2,778,757 square foot retail development will become a high value destination point not only for Podolsk citizens but also for its satellite towns and the surrounding region. RSM Design took inspiration from the river the mall sits on and created a family of signage that shares the same flowing and layered movement as the water. With both the interior and exterior signage, the team echoed the bold elegance of the people, nature, and area to seamlessly integrate it into the project.


  • Essence Development
Aerial View of Moscow Riviera retail destination
Moscow Riviera project identity dimensional lettersMoscow Riviera massive architectural identity
Moscow Riviera parking identity totemMoscow Riviera information desk
Moscow Riviera retail project wayfinding signageMoscow Riviera retail project wayfinding signage
Moscow Riviera retail project digital directory signageMoscow Riviera architectural geometric facade


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