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San Diego, California

Liberty Station Branding

RSM Design was brought to the team to do the initial visioning and brand strategy for the site, and then the site-wide signage system, as well as a set of brand and signage guidelines for future expansion. The team drew heavily on the Naval history of the site in the logo design, and carried the clean, strong shapes and edges into the signage. Liberty Station has become a central asset to both residents and visitors in San Diego.



  • Branding & Logo Design
  • Branding Visioning
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Strategy
  • Logo Design
  • Usage Guidelines
  • Print & Digital Collateral
  • Branded Environment


  • The Corky McMillin Companies

Grounded in military tradition, Liberty Station (formerly the Naval Training Center, San Diego) welcomed its first Navy recruits in 1923. Under FDR, NTC gained new buildings, then continued to expand through WWII when the Center’s size tripled. The following decades marked further expansion and provided a valuable military resource to defend our nation.


Delighted in quality, Liberty Station seeks to curate an array of shops, events, and experiences. From sophisticated boutiques to engaging entertainment. Thoughtfully planned and enriching ways to spend your morning, afternoon, or evening. Dedicated to the inspiring history, RSM Design worked to create a living brand that would become a hub for the community. As a place that’s steeped in history, Liberty Station is a timeless destination.


With a strong influence on the history of the community, RSM Design sought to preserve that heritage. Pulling from the inspiration of iconic symbols that held deep meaning, the team crafted a brand that was specific to the place.

A portal to the past, an experience for the present, and a promise for the future.

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