Laguna Niguel City Center logo engraved in a piece of natural wood.

Laguna Niguel, California

Laguna Niguel City Center Branding

The City of Laguna Niguel was once a thriving open space for sheep herding and an expansive untamed landscape. Today the destination has become a suburban community and home to many local shops and restaurants. Laguna Niguel City Center is set to become the heart of the Laguna Niguel community. Bringing new retail, office, a library, residential, and community programming. The destination is inspired by the city’s ranchero roots and will bring a contemporary ranch feel to the area. RSM Design is partnering with Burnham Ward Properties on the visioning, branding & logo design, placemaking, and signage design for Laguna Niguel City Center.



  • Burnham Ward Properties


The design process began with a comprehensive visioning process. The goal was to establish a clear brand strategy as well as set the tone for the aesthetic look and feel of the brand.


Laguna Niguel is a masterplan which gloriously fulfills the promise and potential of what California life in Orange County can be. The brand design team worked to find a counterbalance between Laguna Niguel’s farming history and its current developed community. Drawing on simple geometry, warm natural materials, and the nearby coast, the Laguna Niguel City Center came to life.


The primary logo design for the Center is rooted in old California western flare, taking inspiration for the monogram from actual historic cattle brands. The complimentary typography feels contemporary and fresh.

Icons and graphics allude to the site’s history and add a playful and memorable element to the refined and sophisticated brand.

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