Aerial overview of Brentwood Innovation development in Brentwood, California.

Brentwood, California

Innovation Center at Brentwood

The Innovation Center at Brentwood is envisioned as a next generation employment hub for the City of Brentwood and the Highway 4 Corridor. RSM Design was brought onto the team to create a pitch deck that showcases the opportunities and offerings of the new development. The deck covers Brentwood’s unique location, community history, and culture, as well as analyzes long term growth and.




  • ELS Architecture + Urban DesignCity of Brentwood


The design aesthetic was inspired by the outdoor landscape of Brentwood and its nexus of a modern hub. The team was influenced by color and texture inspired by nearby Mt. Diablo as well as agricultural surroundings. The style of the book included modular layouts that utilized negative space to reflect the openness seen at the site. A modern yet traditional serif is paired with a contemporary san serif to showcase the community’s modern yet small town ambience.

Brentwood is known for its outdoor lifestyle and abundance of housing at accessible prices. The center sits on the edge of significant natural open space.


The masterplan is split up into two districts. The West District is amenity rich  with a work space  and accessible walking and biking lanes that easily connect to the East District. The East District will be sighted just north of Brentwood’s premier shopping center, with established neighborhoods to the north and east, and overlooking the Sand Creek water feature. The East District presents an opportunity to create a walkable lifestyle for employees with all the benefits of a corporate campus mixed with suburban life.

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