A large rotunda branded with Hotel del Coronado identity signage.

San Diego, California

Hotel del Coronado

Just across the San Diego Bay stands the world famous historic landmark, The Hotel Del Coronado. When it opened in 1888, it was the single largest resort hotel in the world and is one of the only surviving examples of wooden Victorian beach resorts. Today it is the epitome of the Southern California beach mindset, providing the simple luxuries of sun, sea and connection with others. It represents not only the finer things life has to offer but also the luxury of time well spent with family, friends or even on your own.


  • BRE Hotels & Resorts
Within this haven, happiness takes over; A perfect dreamy beach retreat one never wants to leave.

RSM Design was honored to develop an experiential wayfinding system and new site identity monumenation for the reimagined Hotel Del Coronado Masterplan. RSM Design defined a vision that both perserves The Del’s rich history while laying the foundation for its future. The creative solutions sought to emulate and celebrate the sites distinct architectural character while modernizing it through contemporary applications and detailing that add a level of elegance and sophistication only right for such an iconic and world class destination resort.


Heritage Architecture & Planning, Burton Studio

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