San Juan Capistrano, California

Capo Brew

Capo Brew Company is a beer created for the people. Inspired by the unique San Juan Capistrano culture, history, and true grit. With roots planted in hometown pride, the urban yet nostalgic brand embodies the epitome of cowboy lifestyle. The hand-crafted logo is inspired by the town itself and the legends of the swallows, a small bird, that inhabit the area. By combining texture, letterforms, and illustrations, the holistic brand is tailor-made for beer lovers.


  • Frontier Real Estate Investments


RSM Design created the branding and logo design that captures the rich historical context with a modern spin on the neighborhood watering hole. We also developed the interior design and environmental graphic design, balancing raw materials with western inspired details and retro table games. Capo Brew was born from the spirit of the west and embodies the grit and character of the modern coastal cowboy.

“Follow the Swallow” is a play on the celebrated swallow migration between San Juan Capistrano and Argentina.

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