Exterior monument signage and streetscape outside Ad Ex building in downtown Dallas

Dallas, Texas


The synergistic relationship of the creative disciplines worked to define a new home for design in an historic mid-century modern icon in downtown Dallas.

Design Awards

  • Texas Society of Architects' 2020 Design Awards


  • American Institute of Architects
  • Omniplan
AD EX project identity signageAD EX signage
AD EX building entrance

RSM Design was invited to collaborate with the larger design team to craft a new home for the Architecture and Design Exchange and the American Institute of Architects in Dallas (AIA Dallas). Environmental graphics wove seamlessly through the space to create dynamic and engaging moments to identity and direct the guest through an integrated signage design program. Environmental graphics for exhibit spaces, donor recognition, historic artifacts, and educational initiatives were included as part of the holistic experience transforming the brand design into the built environment.

Architecture and Design Exchange (ADEX) identity signageArchitecture and Design Exchange wood-slat-relief signage
Architecture and Design Exchange workplace and office design


Studio Outside

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