999 Third Avenue Wells Fargo Center logo designed by RSM Design

Seattle, Washington

999 Third Avenue Wells Fargo Center Branding

A 47 story building from the 1980’s located in downtown Seattle, RSM Design was part of the team that worked to revitalize Wells Fargo Center at 999 Third Avenue giving it a new look and feel fitted for the modern era. Alongside JLL Commercial Real Estate and Mithun, RSM Design developed a branding and logo system, a holistic identity, and a refresh of the exterior as well as the interior lobby to give it a new and timeless look.



  • JLL Commercial Real Estate
  • Mithun


The bold san serif typeface is inspired by the sky-scraper’s geometric form and the addition of the condensed san serif reflects the slender nature of the building. Both forms are organic and inviting. The container shape of the mark creates a balanced and controlled expression. The identity is interchangeable from a vertical to horizontal form which allows for flexibility of the logo across various marketing assets.

The identity design takes cue from the geometric architecture of the skyscraper.

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