Welcome Signage Internally Lit Placemaking Element at a Mixed-Use Retail Project

Long Beach, California

2nd & PCH Parking Garage

2nd & PCH is a coastal-contemporary marina village inspired by the unexpected moments of a coastal life savored. The casual, yet eloquent resort-style character of the architecture, and a thoughtfully orchestrated cadence of the streets invites all to enjoy the lush and rich experience in the cool ocean breeze. The RSM Design team worked closely with CenterCal to craft a vision and brand for 2nd & PCH that drew from the sophisticated yet laid-back Southern California Marina lifestyle and celebrated it with moments of whimsy. A refined brand with playful elements was the answer to capture 2nd & PCH’s unique, inviting, and charming nature. RSM Design later translated the brand into a system of environmental graphics and wayfinding signage to help users navigate around the space.

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