Mockup design of printed leasing book for Runway Playa Vista.

Playa Vista, California

Runway Playa Vista Leasing Brochure

RSM Design collaborated with Prism Places to bring the creative community of RUNWAY Playa Vista to life in a unique set of leasing books. The set includes a small feature booklet, which introduces the small business owners who make RUNWAY unique, tucked inside of a larger, comprehensive leasing book that unveils RUNWAYS’s holistic offerings. The editioned set of four different covers highlight street murals and local public art, while also featuring an illustrated map of the Silicon Beach location, demographic stats, and a creative look at why future tenants are desiring to be a part of RUNWAYS growing community.




  • Prism Places
The brochures reflect Playa Vista’s eclectic community and contemporary sensibility.


The design team created two maps to convey RUNWAYS’ extensive reach within Los Angeles as well as surrounding communities. It’s central location to Silicon Beach’s business core makes RUNWAY and ideal location for retail, dining, entertainment, and more. The contemporary maps are inspired by the nearby tech campuses and modern neighborhoods. Through color, typography, textures and dimensional graphics the team created a sleek, graphic, and detailed map to illustrate the surrounding landscape.

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