Blue and white business cards scattered on a table with the Everest Place logo.

Orlando, Florida

Everest Place

Everest Place is a multi-faceted global district that sits at the water’s edge in Orlando, Florida. The destination consists of a vibrant master-planned community and mix of residential and commercial offerings. It is a walkable collection including a retail village with a variety of dining options, luxury resorts, health & wellness services, and a residential offerings that appeals to a new holistic view of the family. In further phases of development, the site will contain a Medical Centre which will provide healthcare facilities to those visiting Everest Place. The project is a key destination for Medical Tourism.


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The logo is based on the patterning from the site’s architecture– a destination surrounded by water. It is carefully constructed to maintain recognizable characteristics while allowing for perfect legibility at any size on any application. Optical kerning, refined weight, and defined clearspace, as well as well-delineated placement in relation to other content, all help to make our logo as instantly recognizable as possible at all sizes and in all contexts.


Centered around health + wellness, the destination encapsulates a serene and inspiring vision. Drawing imagery from nature, specifically a strong connection to the waterfront, details of the brand feel both organic and elevated. The design team crafted a vision narrative to position the destination as “An inspiring oasis connected to the waterfront at every turn.” The logo design and brand-kit-of-parts are reflective of a holistic, serene environment.



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