August 04, 2021

Exploring the Brand Connection

Cody Clark and Suzanne Redmond Schwartz at the RSM Design Studio

Join Cody Clark and Suzanne Redmond Schwartz, Principals at RSM Design, as they team up for an in-depth conversation on the branding process, finding design inspiration, and leadership in our design studio.

Part 1: Finding Design Inspiration

Cody and Suzanne share their personal experiences on what influences their design process and how they find inspiration, even when a creative wall hits.

Part 2: Growth and Education for Designers

How would you describe a growth mindset? We believe it’s about an open-minded perspective that isn’t fearful of making mistakes. In this second episode, Cody and Suzanne discuss how designers in all stages of their career can continue to grow and expand their knowledge.

Part 3: Creating a Brand with Meaning

In part 3 of the conversation, Cody and Suzanne take a look at the process of creating a brand vision and logo design. Our team partnered with city stakeholders and community leaders in Miami, Florida to develop a comprehensive brand for Miami Baywalk, a 5-mile waterfront trail that will connect along Biscayne Bay and provide a space for the community to gather.

Part 4: Branding and Design Trends Happening Today

Cody and Suzanne discuss what they call, “the return to great design.” We’re examining branding trends all the way from digital to the environment and design evolutions that are happening today and into the future.

Part 5: Leadership in Our Design Studio

It’s no secret that Covid-19 has rocked almost every part of our world today. Many businesses and organizations have felt the impact of the global pandemic and economic crisis. In this part of our conversation, Cody and Suzanne examine what it means to lead a team during challenging times.

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