Buffalo Outer Harbor integrative environmental wayfinding design

Buffalo, New York

Buffalo Outer Harbor

Buffalo Outer Harbor is a 200 acre, formerly industrial open space along Lake Erie. RSM is working with both Olin and TWMLA for a sign program that connects the site and lays the groundwork for all future phases. In phase one, the primary goals are foster public access and support new private uses, including a beer garden, marina, and concert venue.



The kiosk roof is inspired by the flight of birds along the international flyway. This formal elements connects destinations with a uniform, yet highly flexible set of landmarks, that adapts easily to restrooms, a bike shops and interpretive kiosks along the lake edge. The sign program  uses the same material palette with durable cedar beams and powder-coated aluminum framing. All site elements are custom the location—to withstand its intense weather and take advantage of wide open views with vertical forms and a bold pop of color.

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