On their most recent trip to China, Harry and Martin actually stopped working for a day, set the computers aside, put on their most comfortable shoes, and headed out to one of the most exciting Expo events to come along in years.  On what ended up being one of the busiest days of the Expo to date, the two self-proclaimed “architectural junkies” met up with 499,998 of their now close friends to join the masses and see some incredible new and innovative architectural wonders.  Not wanting to wait in what was close to 6 hour long lines to get inside some of the pavilions, the two wandered the never ending exhibit areas from country to country, snapping multiple Megabytes of photos, searching for the ultimate regional cuisines and beer, discussing and debating which were their favorite pavilions and most innovative use of materials, and finally searching for an open bench to rest their weary jet lagged feet.

Advice to all who plan on attending the Expo before it ends in October – give yourself more then one day to see it all, and have plenty of patience with the long lines… but be sure to go!