July 08, 2010

Waslin Centro Takes Shape

A sign family designed by RSM Design for Waslin Centro

Rising in the rapidly growing city of Nanjing, China, this complex mixed-use project required a very simple, clean, and flexible wayfinding and identity approach.  To link the many different components of the project (multiple high rise office towers, hotel, conference center, six story retail base, and entertainment facilities), RSM has designed a family of signs that will not only work to identify and enhance each unique district, but also unify the entire large development.

The sign family has been designed for maximum flexibility and clarity.  The signage uses a system of custom pictograms and icons to identify the many uses and create a clear messaging system, with a dual language system complementing this simple approach.  The material palette adds clarity to the system as well with different complementary materials being used to enhance each of the district’s characterstics.

The graphics family of signs is rapidly moving forward into schematics and design development and the RSM team continues to hone and refine the designs, while coordinating with the US and China based consultant team.

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